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I passed the first business-marketing course 20 years ago. Since that, I have clearly marked the goal for my life: I must own any business as a maximum or managing the business as a minimum. In order to become a business manager, it was necessary to study a lot. My business specialization is the Beauty Industry. Through years I have passed many courses on services, visited beauty congresses, trainings for managers and owners of the beauty center.

In 1998, I opened the first cosmetic office in Tashkent. Uzbekistan.
In 2005, in partnership with a colleague, we founded the Academy of Nail Service and the Beauty Salon in Tashkent. Uzbekistan.
In 2011 I became the owner of a beauty salon in the center of Dubai.
In 2014, I began to establish a new direction in the beauty business - the production of the nail brand and its sale in the UAE.
Year 2015, I have been appointed as Manager at Art of Beauty Center Jumeirah, Dubai. It was a great experience, opportunity and responsibility. During this period, the center has built and brought a large scale of high professionals and specialists, expanded range of services and increased number of customers. Great attention was paid to the organization of marketing VIP events.
Year 2018, Glam Creative Beauty Supplies and Beauty School was launched – myself being the Founder. This journey offers a lot of opportunities and inspires to upgrade beauty services to the new level. An exciting thing happens day by day, on the latter of 2018 we have launched production of the UAE Premium brand for nail services. Starting 2019 we will be partnering with distributors all over the world with intention to open Glam Creative Beauty School in other countries. Moreover, in our school, we will be organizing courses with best Educators in the Beauty industry.

Over the past year, I have been willing to consult on business marketing in the restaurant business, trade and freelancers of various small business sectors. I continue to study because the improvement of qualification has no boundaries. This year I received certification - a marketer for freelancers and I am ready to help you in matters of your business!

Web Studio WebPilot is a team of professionals with a huge work experience. Our company successfully cooperates with Webpilot for 2 years, during which the web studio has proved its uniqueness and professionalism in the field of Internet marketing.

The strategic direction of the Company is the creation of websites that are effective marketing tools for our clients.

The creative approach of studio in website creation is an advantage. The main principle of the company is close work with the client, during which the employees of Webpilot conduct an analysis of clients business and its strengths, study the main competitors of the company, explore the preferences of the target audience! All this allows us to create a unique product for you.

Webpilot has successfully implemented more than hundreds of Internet projects, including corporate websites, online stores, promo sites and internal portals, as well as dozens of logos and corporate styles. In addition to creating websites, the company offers a huge range of services for Internet promotion and advertising of your business. Cooperating with the web studio "WebPilot", you get a modern selling site, excellent prices and comprehensive support.

Our Services

Strategic consulting

For Freelancers

Strategic consulting in management, business development, research, development and implementation of marketing strategies

market offering

For Companies

Every market offering has its main basic idea. Goods and services provide a platform by which the buyer gets certain ideas and benefits

Every market

For Start-Ups

Preparation of projects, attraction of investments and credit funds, scaling business models, start-UPS, working with development institutions

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