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We plan, organize and conduct a marketing research according to your requirements.

The lack a results-oriented marketing makes any company unable to attract new customers and in a relatively short time provokes the loss of old ones. Carrying out of marketing researches is necessary for acceptance of effective administrative decisions. In modern conditions, the phrase "who owns the information, owns the world" is particularly relevant.

When is it necessary to conduct marketing research?

  • ✔ Entering new markets, creating a new business
  • ✔ Launch new products and services
  • ✔ Planned rebranding
  • ✔ Need to develop / change marketing strategy
  • ✔ When forming / changing price policy
  • ✔ When forming / changing a sales strategy and promoting sales
  • ✔ Improving the quality of service and service

We offer a full range of services for conducting any kind of marketing research. The most popular research topics implemented by the company are:

  • ✔ The market potential research, segmenting and highlighting promising niches
  • ✔ Testing of promotional materials / ideas for products, packages
  • ✔ Brand image research
  • ✔ Evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

The cost of marketing research of the market is determined individually after the initial consultation. Our specialist will find out all the information necessary for the formation of the proposal and will make an estimate for the.

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