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To make promotion as profitable as possible, it must be comprehensive and be based on increasing business indicators.

You can have the most modern fleet of aircraft equipped with the most comfortable seats for passengers, but you will earn only when people sit on these seats.

Unlike regular advertising departments, we are engaged in comprehensive strategic marketing: we explore competitors, your brand and target audience. We identify and strengthen competitive advantages, deeply appreciate the effectiveness of each channel, based on business indicators.

To determine the most profitable channels and objectively distribute the advertising budget, we analyze the circulation and sales.

How it works

In complex promotion, we set up end-to-end analytics that measure all stages of the funnel from visits to sales, test multiple channels, keywords and ads. This allows us to track the client's way to purchase, find the most profitable channels, introduce changes and increase profits with the same promotion budget..


Instead of the advertising department, you get a full marketing strategy

  • ✔ All the stages of the sales process are tracked. So, we recommend what channels need to be strengthened, and which removed
  • ✔ All promotion channels are configured and work to the maximum. In parallel, we are testing new ones
  • ✔ Elaboration of development strategy. You get plan how to increase business performance and achieve new KPIs
  • ✔ Improvement of the sales process. A customer relationship management system has been set up, sales scripts developed

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